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Some advices about reef fishing


June 20, 2017

Fishing is inculcated in human culture as long as there is memory both as a source of food and as a way of life for many.

The three-hour reef fishing trip is carried out ¾ miles from the coast, between 20/30 meters deep, with the boat anchored and using shrimp as bait.

It is an experience of observation and capture of several marine species (mackerel, black sea bream, sea bream, horse mackerel, silver sea bream, among others). The mackerel has a long, elegant body with no scales and a light, silver coloring on the belly with irregular dark lines that gives it a "tiger" look. The black sea bream is a hermaphrodite fish very common on the portuguese coast, located about 300 meters from this, in the areas of rocky bottom and with algae. The sea bream is a fish that can reach up to 25 cm in length and 3.5 kg, having an assiduous presence on our shores. The horse mackerel has a long body that can reach up to 70cm length and weigh 5kg, its coloration varies from greenish blue to gray and the flanks and belly are silver or gold, showing a black spot on the upper part of the operculum. The silver sea bream, also very common in our seas, has the silver body with two black bars (one in the head another in the beginning of the caudal fin), being able to reach 45cm in length and weigh 1.3kg.

Like all sports, it is advisable to take into account certain points for the practice of this art, as unforeseen events also happen on the high seas. The fisherman must wear non-slip shoes, light clothing and with no complexities (so that there is no possibility of the equipment getting stuck in clothing), sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. Pay close attention to the weather conditions before and during this ancestral practice, and be aware that you can't and shouldn't venture into predictions of thunderstorm, rippling / unpleasant maritim agitation or rising. The launching and recovery of the hook is part of the daily life of a fisherman, so be aware of the possibility of the hook being trapped in the fingers or in another part of the body that can damage the pleasure of fishing at the moment and take you to experience a painful and avoidable moment.

If you are aware of the positive and negative aspects of this ancestral practice, we guarantee that you will have a magnificent day on the sea and coexist with marine life as many do not have the opportunity. Be responsible and enjoy this beautiful way of spending a good time and you may be able to secure meals for the rest of the week!

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