About AlgarExperience

When, how & why

Our History

In 2006, AlgarExperience was born out of the passion of its founders for the sea and nautical activities. At that time, with only one boat, the company began operating tours of caves & coastline, dolphin watching, parasailing and private hire, focusing on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction.

More than a decade later and here we are, filled with passion and ambition that has always motivated us to constantly grow. Today, with the goal of sharing the secrets of the natural beauty of the magnificent coastline of the Algarve, we offer a wide range of experiences. With a fleet of seven main vessels and four support vessels, we operate from Albufeira Marina and Vilamoura Marina, covering the Algarve coastline between Albufeira Marina and Alfanzina lighthouse.

“AlgarExperience”® represents our values of excellence with simplicity, sustainability and humility. The company complies with all legal requirements for maritime tourism and is registered with the Portuguese Tourist Board under RNAAT no. 265/2010.

Founders of AlgarExperience

Since 2006 making a difference!

Pedro Bacalhau

Our Values

Simplicity, Sustainability, Leadership, Humility, Trust, Evolution | Development

João Bacalhau

Our Mission

Promote happiness experiences

Work with the best!

Different personalities towards a common goal

For further information, please contact us.
For further information, please contact us.