Geological instabilities in rock formations

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The term landslide refers to a landslide of earth, stones or rocks that occurs on slopes and rock formations. They are caused by natural processes, such as erosion, and by human activities, such as the construction of coastal infrastructure.

Beaches are dynamic areas that undergo constant change due to the action of wind, seawater and geological processes. Coastal erosion and landslides, for example, can occur due to rising sea levels, the shrinking of beaches due to urbanization, and a diminishing supply of sediment, among other factors. These processes can weaken rock formations and cause landslides.

In addition, human activity in coastal areas, such as sand extraction and port construction, can affect the stability of slopes and increase the risk of landslides. Increased vehicle traffic on beaches can also contribute to erosion and the weakening of slopes.

AlgarExperience's maritime wisdom - dedication to sharing knowledge

AlgarExperience is dedicated to sharing this knowledge and care with its clients, aiming to ensure that all those who take part in its marine experiences also gain a thorough understanding of the nuances and precautions required. The care that must be taken near rock formations is communicated during the experiences.

The experienced team maneuvers the boats with great precision and takes extreme care when approaching them to avoid erosion and consequent collapse.

On the other hand, landslides on beaches can cause significant material damage, as well as endangering the lives of people living or traveling in the affected areas.

It is therefore important to constantly monitor the geological conditions of the slopes and take preventive measures to minimize the risks of accidents of this kind, such as stabilizing the slope by means of containment works, banning construction in areas at risk and carrying out awareness campaigns about the risks associated with human activity on the coast.

To prevent or reduce the risk of landslides on the beach, it is important to take the following precautions:

1. Avoid building on steep slopes or areas prone to landslides;
2. Regularly monitor the slopes and cliffs near the beach;
3. Avoid excessive removal of vegetation on slopes as this can increase the risk of landslides;
4. Avoid building infrastructure, such as hotels and restaurants, in areas prone to landslides;
5. Carry out regular maintenance of the containment structures on the slopes and cliffs near the beach;
6. Clearly signpost areas at risk of landslides on the beach, and avoid staying in these areas;
7. Always maintain a safe distance between the cliffs and the boats for their safety and, of course, that of our clients.

It is also important to be aware of the weather conditions and warnings of the risk of landslides issued by the competent authorities.

In the event of a landslide, it is important to evacuate the area immediately and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

Let's preserve and maintain this wonderful coastal paradise!

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