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The brand's contribution to increase Sea Literacy in children

AlgarExperience, in partnership with the Albufeira Municipality, is developing and promoting a unique initiative called "Viagem ao Reino Azul” aimed at bringing the municipality's children closer to the fascinating marine world of the Algarve coast.

Monthly, selected classes from the 2nd grade of Albufeira schools have the exclusive opportunity to explore and learn more about the ocean on a boat trip, its marine creatures, and rock formations. These children embark on an exciting journey to discover the secrets of the sea and the marine life that inhabits it.

A special element of this experience is the presence of Joana Charneco, a primary school teacher With her exceptional storytelling skills, Joana is responsible for engaging the children with inspiring narratives related to the National Reading Plan and the preservation of the marine environment, making each trip even more memorable.

Together with the proven wisdom of AlgarExperience’s Sea Team, the children will have a unique experience viewing the dolphins off the Algarve coast.

The main objectives of this initiative are diverse and wide-ranging. Firstly, the importance of promoting Sea Literacy among future generations by providing them with valuable knowledge about the marine ecosystem, dolphins, and the Algarve coast. Additionally, there is a desire to strengthen the ties between the AlgarExperience brand and the local community, demonstrating the company's commitment to contributing to the educational and cultural development of the region.

The "Viagem ao Reino Azul" sessions will culminate on June 7th, in celebration of World Oceans Day, which takes place on June 8th. This pioneering initiative in the Algarve represents a significant milestone for the school community, providing educational and memorable experiences that will certainly leave a lasting impression on the participating children.

AlgarExperience is proud to offer this unique project, which not only enriches children's knowledge of the sea, but also inspires a greater appreciation and respect for the marine environment. It is an investment in the future, empowering the next generations with the understanding and passion needed to preserve and protect our precious ocean.

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