Live Science on Board

Live Science on Board

The cycle "Ciência Viva a Bordo powered by AlgarExperience" in partnership with the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos was an enriching experience that took place in July and August. Throughout this period, we had the opportunity to hold sessions on board our vessels, providing truly memorable moments.

This partnership with the Lagos Live Science Center has reinforced our mission to share knowledge about the stunning coastal region of the Algarve, which we have the privilege of enjoying on a daily basis.

Through the "Ciência Viva a Bordo" (Live Science on Board) cycle, we have been able to bring curiosities and valuable information to all our customers, awakening interest in science and environmental preservation.

Both the rock formations and the dolphins came to life through this fun and interactive approach.

We learned about the geology of the Algarve in an engaging way, exploring the unique characteristics of the rocks and their relationship with the formation of the coastline. At the same time, we immersed ourselves in the world of dolphins, understanding their importance and the positive impact they have on our ecosystem.

Unlocking the secrets of the rock formations on the Algarve Coast

In the first part of the cycle, held on the last Sundays of July, we explored the impressive Benagil Caves and toured the stunning Algarve coastline.

We were joined on board by Lourenço Crispim, a geologist from the Lagos Live Science Center, who shared with us the hidden secrets of nature present in each rock formation. It was a unique and enriching experience, in which we learned more about the world of geology and understood the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Exploring the Algarve's Marine Ecosystem:

In the second session of this cycle, which took place on the last Sunday of August, we were joined by Luísa Ramalho, a biologist from the Lagos Live Science Center, who gave us fascinating insights into the ocean's most beloved creatures, dolphins.

Through detailed explanations, we were led to explore the incredible world of these marine mammals.

The biologist revealed curiosities about their behavior, physical characteristics and the vital role they play in the marine ecosystem.

During the 3 sessions, we had the opportunity to see dolphins in their natural habitat and learn about the different species that inhabit the Algarve coastline, the importance of conserving their habitats and how we can contribute to their preservation.

By combining geologist Lourenço's explanations about rock formations and biologist Luísa's information about dolphins, the participants in the "Ciência Viva a Bordo" cycle had the opportunity to understand the natural wealth of the Algarve. By combining theoretical explanations, practical observations and direct interactions with the marine environment, everyone was able to broaden their knowledge and establish a deeper connection with nature.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone involved for the memorable moments and for helping to reinforce our commitment to spreading knowledge about the Algarve and its rich biodiversity.

We will continue to seek partnerships and initiatives that promote environmental education and the preservation of natural resources, so that future generations can also enjoy this stunning coastal paradise.

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