Discover the 7 Best Beaches in and around Albufeira

Praia do Pontal - Most beautiful beaches in Algarve

The algarvian coast has unparalleled natural beauty, rich in rock formations and stunning scenery! With an extensive and diverse coastline, the Algarve is also home to some of the best beaches in Portugal.

A handful of the Algarve's most beautiful and famous beaches are in and around Albufeira: São Rafael Beach, Marinha Beach, Coelha Beach, Pontal Beach, Arrifes Beach, Submarino Beach and Falésia Beach.

Discover all about these magnificent beaches in Albufeira and nearby!

The Best Beaches in Albufeira

São Rafael Beach, Albufeira

São Rafael Beach is a true postcard beach, known for the set of signs that prepare you for everything you need to know about this beach: seafood, cocktails, cliff jumping, Stand Up Paddle, visits to the caves, kayak tours, massages and, of course, you couldn't miss it, the Bolas de Berlim (like a doughnut without the hole in the middle, and usually with a delicious filling)!
This is a beach with crystal clear water, clean sand, and good access conditions. Whoever passes by here will not regret it.

Marinha Beach, Carvoeiro

Marinha Beach has a scenery of high cliffs combined with the blue of the sea, this magnificent scenario makes this beach one of the most beautiful in the Algarve (and even in the world)!
On this beach, you can find the famous rock whose shape resembles an "M" and, if you look in the right direction, you will be surprised with a heart formed by the perspective of the cliff.
Explore the natural richness of Marinha Beach through a caves and coastline tour in the Algarve and let yourself be dazzled by the landscape.

Coelha Beach, Albufeira

The path to Coelha Beach is made on foot along agricultural fields where, with the proximity of the sea, it is possible to observe lush coastal scrubland with dwarf palm trees, the only palm tree native in Europe.
Coelha Beach is set in a spectacular setting, surrounded by cliffs, with a small and welcoming sandy beach. Visitors recommend climbing to the top of the cliff to enjoy the beach from above, especially to see the sunset!

Pontal Beach, Lagoa

Pontal Beach, accessible only by sea, is an isolated beach with cliffs and a shell-shaped sandy beach, where the delicious lunch included in the Beach Barbecue experience is held and another AlgarExperience experiences.
On the west cliff, in the water, there is a small cave for those who like to explore. At the end of the East cliff, there is a flat slab that allows the more adventurous to do some diving.

Arrifes Beach, Albufeira

Arrifes Beach is one of the smallest beaches in Albufeira, however, its small size and the fact that it is between cliffs and rocks, gives it shelter from the winds.
The horizon line is dominated by three rocks, which gave a second name to Arrifes Beach: "Praia dos Três Penecos" (Three Cliffs Beach).

Submarino Beach, Lagoa

In front of Submarino Beach, or Morena Beach, is an islet with a very special shape that gave rise to the beach's name: submarine.
Due to its rock formations, the beach offers many secluded areas, ideal for those who like to escape the crowds. Have fun exploring the caves and diving off the rocks.

Falésia Beach, Olhos de Água

Falésia Beach has a wide stretch of sand, about 6km long, and stretches from Vilamoura to Olhos de Água, near Albufeira.
Despite the soft sand and calm sea, Falésia Beach's beauty is due to the magnificent contrast of colours of the incredible reddish cliffs with the crystal blue sea and the wild vegetation and green pine trees.

Come and explore the best beaches in Albufeira and the surrounding area with our kayak experiences that show you the natural richness of the Algarve coast in a different and fun way.
You can also opt for an experience with more adrenaline, such as Parasailing in Albufeira, which provides a panoramic view over the city of Albufeira and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve.

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