An unforgettable experience that provides a panoramic view over the city of Albufeira, flying up to about 80 meters in altitude and up to three people at the same time. It lasts approximately 10 minutes in the air and up to 1h30m in the boat, in case of maximum capacity of the vessel.

Our experienced and attentive crew will make your flight a memorable one, in a safe and fun way.

This activity can be carried out on the vessels AlgarExperience or Enjoy The Sea .

Photo and video service is available at extra cost.

Activity Plan

Check-in 30min before departure

Go to the AlgarExperience check-in desk and present your ticket to the operator.
While you are waiting for your turn, enjoy our Belize Café lounge space and take advantage of a 15% discount.


Follow the instructions given at check-in and present your boarding pass to the crew.

Flight up to 80 meters altitude

Time to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view, up to 80 meters in altitude.

Return to Albufeira Marina

The return trip allows you to relax and enjoy the best landscape in the Algarve.


Low Season | 01 Nov. - 17 Mar.

Adult (11+): 30,00€

Child (2-10): 20,00€

Spectator: 20,00€

Mid season | 18 Mar. - 21 Jul. And 5 Sep. - 31 Oct.

Adult (11+): 35,00€

Child (2-10): 25,00€

Spectator: 25,00€

High Season | 22 Jul. - 04 Sep.

Adult (11+): 40,00€

Child (2-10): 30,00€

Spectator: 35,00€

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For further information, please contact us.
For further information, please contact us.