"EDP Art Reef" Underwater Exhibition by Vhils


AlgarExperience had the opportunity to take part in the National Geographic channel's first recordings of the "EDP Art Reef" art exhibition, conceived by artist Vhils in partnership with EDP.

This unique exhibition is an inspiring collaboration between art and ocean conservation, involving the transformation of parts from three decommissioned EDP thermal power plants into a stunning underwater experience.

Located off the coast of Albufeira, this initiative marks a historic moment, the first underwater exhibition in Portuguese maritime territory.

EDP Art Reef

"EDP Art Reef" is a pioneering project that highlights the importance of art as an effective tool for raising awareness of crucial environmental issues, in particular the protection of our oceans. The partnership between the artist Vhils and EDP demonstrates the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness.

Through art, this initiative highlights the importance of the role that each of us has in preserving the environment around us..

The aim of this initiative is to creatively reuse old industrial infrastructure. The parts of decommissioned thermoelectric power stations have been transformed into underwater sculptures that house various marine species.

The transformation of a polluting industry into an environmentally friendly underwater museum is a remarkable example of the human capacity to regenerate and transform.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, the "EDP Art Reef" serves as a reminder of the urgent need to protect our oceans. They play a vital role in our survival, providing oxygen, regulating the climate and sustaining enormous biodiversity. However, they are facing significant threats from pollution, intensive fishing and climate change.

Each visit to the "EDP Art Reef" is a unique opportunity, not only to admire the beauty of the sculptures by Alexandro Farto aka Vhils, but also to reflect on marine conservation. Adopting sustainable practices is essential to ensuring a healthy future for our planet.

This project not only transforms obsolete industrial structures into an innovative artistic attraction, but also creates an environment conducive to the development of coral reefs and consequently the emergence of diverse forms of marine life, by designing a new artificial reef.

We are proud to be part of an initiative that promotes collaboration for a more sustainable future for our planet.

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