World Children's Day with AlgarExperience


On June 1st, we celebrated World Children's Day.

To commemorate this special day, AlgarExperience opened the doors of happiness for the little ones, providing them with a memorable experience

With this action, we reaffirm our commitment to cultivate the sharing of knowledge about ocean literacy with children, an essential theme that involves understanding, appreciating, and preserving the treasures of marine ecosystems. In this journey of awareness and sustainable action, we promote ocean literacy through education, partnerships, and concrete initiatives.

In this regard, we invited students from our beloved region of Algarve for an incredible Dolphin and Benagil Caves tour.

During this adventure, the children had the opportunity to experience these two unique experiences: observing the most intelligent and acrobatic beings of the oceans and visiting the stunning caves and other rock formations that enchant the region.

At the end of the tour, the students' comments to their teachers made AlgarExperience proud of this initiative, as it provided happy moments that will stay in the memory of these students. "Teacher, I've never seen anything like this!" echoed amidst radiant smiles and sparkling eyes.

Our aim is to reach a younger and more creative audience by sharing the magic of the sea and inspiring the new generations to care for and preserve our precious ocean.

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For further information, please contact us.
For further information, please contact us.