Ultimate Guide of the best places to visit in Albufeira

Places to visit in Albufeira – Albufeira Marina

Albufeira is an excellent holiday destination in the Algarve, being an ideal destination for couples, families and also for young people who like to have fun.

Although a large part of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the Algarve are in Albufeira and its surroundings, this Algarvian town has much more to see and to explore. Moreover, there will be no shortage of experiences for those who wish to enjoy their holidays to the fullest!

Discover the best places to visit in Albufeira (apart from the famous beaches)!

Guide of the best places to visit in Albufeira

Albufeira Old Town

The Albufeira Old Town is a picturesque area, with narrow streets and buildings with typical regional architecture. It is a place full of nightlife, bars, restaurants, and clubs, but also of historic buildings, museums, and churches.

The main attraction of the Historic Centre of Albufeira is the ,Main Square, where most restaurants and bars are located, which comes more alive during the summer evenings and nights.

During your visit to the heart of Albufeira, head towards Bateria Street and you will see some of the vestiges of Albufeira's history:
the Santa Ana Door and the wall of the old medieval castle from the 13th century.
The Clock Tower is one of the must-see buildings in Albufeira, located in an old building that was once a prison and was originally a watchtower.
The Albufeira Old Town is also full of churches with Baroque elements, as is the case of the São Sebastião Church, which has a white facade, an entrance with Baroque influence and wooden panel inside with 17th and 18th century images.

Museums in Albufeira

Municipal Museum of Archaeology

For those who appreciate history, Albufeira's historic centre holds the Municipal Archaeology Museum, which displays objects from the city's great periods: prehistoric times, the Roman period, the Islamic period, and modern times.

Museum of Sacred Art

Still in Albufeira's Historic Centre, you will find the Albufeira Museum of Sacred Art, inside the São Sebastião Church. This museum houses a vast collection of religious objects from the municipality's churches.

Pau da Bandeira Viewpoint

One of Albufeira's classic viewpoints is the Pau da Bandeira viewpoint, an authentic balcony near the Pescadores Beach and perfect for admiring the sunset!

Oura Street

Although the old part of Albufeira also has a lively nightlife, it is in the Oura Street where the young people concentrate to dance and have fun. The famous Oura Street has a great diversity of bars with various entertainment, karaoke and dance floors.

Although the night is the busiest time on this street, during the day there is also variety when it comes to meals, ranging from a complete breakfast to a typical Portuguese meal.


A short distance from the town of Albufeira, is Albufeira Marina, a very pleasant and original place with its colourful houses.

Besides the various restaurants, bars and shops, you can also find AlgarExperience, with whom you can carry out leisure activities that allow you to get to know Albufeira through the sea.

Albufeira Activities Guide

As for things to do in Albufeira, it is impossible to get bored during your holidays!

If you like to have fun and dance, to be dazzled by a unique sunset and would like to get to know the Albufeira coast, then join a party on the boat with AlgarExperience.

If, on the other hand, you prefer adrenaline, then discover our water sports offers in Albufeira, which allow you to witness the natural richness of the Algarve coast or even have a panoramic view over the city.

Come and explore Albufeira, we promise that there will be no shortage of experiences for those who wish to enjoy their holidays to the full.

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