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Barbecue lunch on the beach - where to eat in Albufeira

Alert foodies! Due to its proximity to the sea and the influence of different cultures, Albufeira is the ideal place to eat fresh fish, delicious seafood, and enjoy national and international gastronomy.

With countless restaurants and gastronomic experiences, discover where to eat in Albufeira!

Fine-Dining Restaurants in Albufeira

The Algarve has been working on its reputation as a destination with several fine-dining restaurants, talented chefs, and innovative cuisine.
Currently, the Algarve has eight Michelin-starred restaurants, with only two having two Michelin stars. And one of them is in Albufeira: the Vila Joya.

Vila Joya

Dieter Koschina, the Austrian-born chef, reinterprets the classic-international cuisine of central Europe through a more modern approach that makes your mouth water.

Although the interior rooms are elegant, the highlight of this luxury restaurant in Albufeira, Vila Joya, is the incredible terrace under the porch that has an unforgettable backdrop of the vastness of the ocean.

Al Quimia

The Michelin Guide restaurant Al Quimia has a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere, with contemporary and luxurious décor. Despite the refined cuisine and technical elaborations, they show proximity to the customer, escaping from the rigidity of the limitations usually imposed by a traditional fine-dining environment.

Restaurants for all budgets and tastes in Albufeira

In Albufeira there is no shortage of options for all budgets and tastes, a true gastronomic itinerary in Albufeira includes Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian food, among many others.

And of course, we couldn't forget Portuguese food! If you are looking for more traditional Portuguese dishes, you will find numerous restaurants in the old part of town. Don't forget to try some of the most famous dishes like the fish stew or to delight yourself with fresh seafood.

Downtown Albufeira

The Old Town is the ideal place to enjoy a family holiday and Albufeira's many outdoor restaurants, cafés and bars.
Lose yourself in the streets of the historic centre to find the best restaurants in Albufeira.

Near the Túnel viewpoint, there is Restaurante 54 and the restaurant O David, where you can enjoy a Portuguese meal, mostly focused on grilled fish and seafood dishes.

If you head towards the famous Pescadores beach, you will find the Portas da Villa pub, a charming place that captivates with its decoration that looks like it came out of the Middle Ages.

If you fancy something a bit classier, book a table at the Staar restaurant, with very positive recommendations from visitors. Here you can enjoy an incredibly intimate and modern place with food to match.

Albufeira Marina

Albufeira Marina stands out for the blocks of buildings painted in different colours. In this marina there will be no shortage of restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal or a refreshing ice cream.

Go to Tasca Portuguesa for delicious Portuguese cuisine and wines at an attractive price, or opt for the Wine & Sushi restaurant to travel through oriental flavours. If, on the other hand, you feel like eating tapas with friends, El Barrio Tapas is the best option.

At the end of your meal, take a walk around Albufeira Marina and stop for an ice-cream.

Gastronomic experiences in Albufeira

Beach Barbecue

If you are looking for more than just a meal in a restaurant in Albufeira, a different experience to eat in Albufeira, we recommend the Barbecue on the Beach experience.

With this experience, you will land on a secluded beach in the Algarve to enjoy a barbecue lunch. But before lunch, you will sail along the Algarve coast and through the most emblematic caves and rock formations of the region.

Come and explore Albufeira, we promise that there will be no shortage of experiences for those who wish to enjoy their holidays to the full.

Book now your experience at AlgarExperience!

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