Dolphins & Benagil Caves - Catamaran

An activity with a duration until 2h30m that refers to the fusion of two unforgettable experiences along the Algarve coast. A boat trip in the Algarve with dolphin watching and a visit to the most stunning caves and other rock formations in the region. The most common cetacean species are the "Common Dolphin" (Delphinus Delphis) and the "Bottlenose Dolphin" (Tursiops Truncatus).

This activity is usually carried out on the Belize Terceiro catamaran, equipped with a toilet and free WiFi.

Note: This activity is free for children up to 2 years old.
Towels are available for rent at check-in upon security deposit.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee is our 100% refund policy/guarantee if you do not see dolphins between March 17th and November 5th.
You can purchase your ticket with this guarantee, at the end of your tour, if you do not see dolphins, the full amount of your ticket will be refunded.

Activity Plan

Check-in 30min before departure

Go to the AlgarExperience check-in desk and present your ticket to the operator.


Follow the instructions given at check-in and present your boarding pass to the crew.

Sail along the Algarve coast

Enjoy the scenery and relax on a fully equipped catamaran.
Points of interest: São Rafael area to Senhora da Rocha area.
Highlights: Arco do Triunfo / Gruta do Capitão / Praia do Submarino.

Dolphin Watching

During your tour, enjoy and observe the dolphins in their natural habitat. This tour may depend on the location of the dolphins.

Swimming Stop

Depending on the maritime conditions and if favorable weather conditions are met.

Return to Albufeira Marina

The return trip allows you to relax and enjoy the best scenery in the Algarve.


Prices for the Dolphins and Benagil Caves - Catamaran experience are for reference and may vary depending on demand and time of year. Book your experience now!

Mid season | 17 Mar. - 20 Jul. And 11 Sep. - 05 Nov.

Adult (11+): From 29,00€

Child (2-10): From 19,00€

Money Back Guarantee:
Adult (11+): From 35,00€
Child (2-10): From 25,00€

Low Season | 06 Nov. - 16 Mar.

Adult (11+): From 29,00€

Child (2-10): From 19,00€

High Season | 21 Jul. - 10 Sep.

Adult (11+): From 35,00€

Child (2-10): From 25,00€

Money Back Guarantee:
Adult (11+): From 40,00€
Child (2-10): From 30,00€

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