Net Me Up | 1st Edition

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The 1st Edition of Net Me Up, a Pitching & Networking initiative, took place on October 2 of 2018, at Albufeira Marina, bringing together about 40 companies on a boat trip and dinner at Belize Café, promoted by Tourism of Portugal and Territórios Criativos, in partnership with AlgarExperience and GEN Portugal.

NET ME UP is a networking initiative whose mission is to support and leverage entrepreneurs and startups linked to tourism, preferably installed in the Baixo Alentejo and Algarve, although it is open to participants from other areas of the country, accessing investors, partners, mentors and potential customers on board a vessel.

The Program of the 1st Edition started at 2:30 p.m. in Albufeira Marina (AlgarExperience) and counted with:
1. Welcome Drink on board (networking);
2. Pitches sessions simultaneously on board;
3. Selection of the 6 best projects on board;
4. Pitch dinner on land;
5. Selection of winning pitch (s) on land.

The first prize, worth € 4,000.00, was delivered to Experience Ware. In second place were Boubou (Boubou) and GMT Hospitality (GMT Hospitality) who received € 500 each. The remaining finalists were: Beachcam (, QBX Portugal (QBX Portugal), and Sweet Desidrata.

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