Explore the Best and Most Beautiful Caves in the Algarve

Woman Photographing one of the Algarve's Caves - Algar de Benagil

The caves in the Algarve are one of the region's treasures, the result of wind and wave erosion action (marine abrasion) that open cavities in the rock, forming some of the most beautiful sea caves in the world!

Get to know some of the most beautiful caves in the Algarve, which seem to be straight out of fairy tales.

Benagil Cave

The famous Benagil Cave, also known as "Algar de Benagil", in Carvoeiro, is considered one of the ten most fascinating caves in the world due to the small opening at the top that frames the beautiful blue sky inside and lets in the sunbeams that illuminate the golden sands and blue sea.

Through the Seven Hanging Valleystrail, you can glimpse the cave from above, while listening to the incredible echo of the waves.

However, the interior of “Algar de Benagil” is only accessible by sea. Some people choose to visit the Cave with the help of kayaks or stand-up paddle boards, others prefer to take a boat trip to visit the Benagil Caves, and some venture out to swim.

Arco do Triunfo (Arch of Triumph)

In the Algarve we also have an Arch of Triumph, more precisely, in Carvoeiro! This rock formation was sculpted over years by wind and tide erosion and got its name due to its resemblance to the Parisian Arc de Triomphe.

Gruta do Capitão (Captain's Cave)

Gruta do Capitão is one of the most difficult caves to access in the Algarve as it is only accessible by boat and in very favourable sea conditions.

This cave is a real local treasurel with a small beach inside from where you can take photos and appreciate the natural sculpture of its dome.

Senhora da Rocha

Nossa Senhora da Rocha Beach is a very welcoming beach, with a sandy beach bordered by the cape of Nossa Senhora da Rocha and by the high line of the cliff, where several seaweed coves can be seen.

This beach is a point of interest that cannot be missed on the best boat trips.

Explore the caves in the Algarve with one of the several group boat tours that AlgarExperience has at your disposal. You can also opt for a more private experience, such as the Yacht Charter Experience.

Book now your visit to the caves in the Algarve!

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