Dolphins & Caves (Catamaran Tour)

A two-hour and thirty minutes activity that combines two unforgettable experiences on the Algarve coastline: the observation of cetaceans (dolphins) and a visit to the most stunning sea caves and other rock formations in the region, between Albufeira Marina and the famous Benagil cave or “Algar de Benagil”.
The most common species of cetaceans are the “Common Dolphin” (Delphinus Delphis) and the “Bottlenose Dolphin” (Tursiops Truncatus).

This activity usually takes place on the catamaran Belize Terceiro, which is equipped with a WC and free wi-fi.
However, in the off-season months, the vessels Ocean Whisper, Ocean Driven or Ocean Destiny will be used for this purpose.

Terms & conditions

Customers must check in up to 30 minutes prior to the activity, at the AlgarExperience desks at Albufeira Marina.
No food or drink may be taken on board.
Bookings of more than 5 elements are subject to the consent of AlgarExperience.
This activity is forbidden to children under 3 years of age.
This activity is forbidden to pregnant women.
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
AlgarExperience reserves the right to use the AlgarExperience or Enjoy The Sea vessels if the Belize Terceiro is unavailable.
AlgarExperience assumes no liability for damage to personal property during the experience, wherefore you are advised to ensure it is appropriately protected.

REBOOKING POLICY: From May to October, in case the costumer does not watch dolphins, won't have the right for a refund. However, the experience may be rebooked free of charge, or the value paid may be used as credit for another experience, except for Parasailing and Fishing.

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Karen D.

"Loved it! One of the highlights of the week for me. The tour started with the dolphin watching, and although there's a caveat before departure that dolphins are wild animals and it's not always easy to pinpoint their exact location, we were lucky enough to see them. We even got a glimpse of a few babies which the marine biologist said were only about a week old! Amazing! We then set off to tour the coastline and caves. I would highly recommend it."

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