But after all, in which beaches are the BBQ’s experiences?

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AlgarExperience offers a wide range of activities, where three of them includes a delicious barbecue meal on the beach, made by the F&B Department and by the crew. 

The activities of Beach BBQ, Sunset BBQ and Dolphins & Beach BBQ are the experiences that we advise you if you want to enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal on a beach inaccessible by land and in a unique scennary where you can observe the giant cliff behind you, the sea and the horizon line - a moment of relax. 

Pontal Beach is the beach where most of the BBQ's are held, since it is a beach with enough sand to accommodate about 100 people (the maximum number of our boats that carry out these activities is 70 passengers). It is a beach without access by land, so you can only reach this beach by boat - which makes the experience much more intimate. 

However, it is not possible to control the forces of the tides or the winds that sometimes blow with more intensity, so when the sea conditions do not allow the disembark in Pontal Beach, the BBQ's are held in the Praia Grande of Ferragudo. This beach is located in the final section of the Arade River estuary, being protected by the two jetties of the river bar, which makes it considered a quiet beach, with extensive sand and where the sea bustle is not so noticeable.  

There are many photographic records of these magnificent beaches, however there is nothing better than seeing with your own eyes, right? 

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