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How are shaped the sea caves we visit?


20 mars 2017

The amazing carved rocks diving in the ocean features the West Algarve. Most of the cliffs have hidden secrets: sea caves that look like a fairytale scenario. And the fact that a lot of them are only accessible by boat is even more magical, besides the unbelievable rocks shapes and the hard to describe blue of the water.

Algarve caves are one of the region treasures, although Portugal has other caves that are worth to visit. Sea caves are the most common and are shaped through thousands of years in the cliffs. It's the waves erosion action that open cavities in the rock. The sea abrasion carves the less resistant layers and creates different spaces inside the cliffs, the sea caves.

Enjoy your excursions from Albufeira with AlgarExperience and get to know the most amazing caves in the Algarve. The well known Algar the Benagil, framing the sky from the top. The Two Eyes Cave, that as the name says, are looking at us from above. Or the heart carved in the rock to name this beautiful cave.
In our boat trips, you can watch the ocean biodiversity due to sections of glass that sit below the water line in our boat.

Enjoy your Albufeira holidays at the best and experience the amazing boat trips and sea caves visits.
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