One of the 10 "Wonders of the World"

dentro da gruta de benagil - inside benagil cave algarexperience

The Benagil Cave or "Algar de Benagil" has received several national and international distinctions from different entities, such as the british newspaper "The Guardian" that placed this magnificent sea cave among the 10 "Wonders of the World".

It is located about 150 meters away from the beach of Benagil, in Lagoa, which since the 19th century has been known for the fishing community. According to some historians, the name Benagil could derive from the Arabic word Ben (son) with the Christian name Gil, that is, the "son of Gil". This area is known for fishing and for its natural richness, two great characteristics that serve as an anchor for an unstoppable nautical tourism.

This cave is only accessible by the sea and tourists do it in different ways. Some rent the maritime-tourist boats of the region, others prefer to go canoeing or surfboard/stand-up paddle board and some venture to go swimming.

You can also see Algar de Benagil from another perspective: walk along the rails of the Benagil cliff and glimpse with the cave seen from above. There is a natural viewpoint where you need to stop & listen to the echo of the waves that comes from the most beautiful cave of the World.

Hmmm ... it feels so good to live in the Algarve!

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