The experience of Parasailing

parasailing speedboat water sports by algarexperience in albufeira portugal

As férias no Algarve poderão ser uma autêntica experiência de diversão e liberdade. Sinta a adrenalina e a essência de fazer parasailing com a AlgarExperience. Se está a passar uma temporada ou um fim de semana no Algarve e é apaixonado(a) por desportos aquáticos, não perca esta oportunidade de experimentar parasailing em Albufeira.

It's one of the funniest activities in the Algarve, there's no need of practice and it's suitable for every age. So, invite your friends, your partner and bring your children to spend an amazing day at the beach. The adventure can be individual, double ou triple.

The sail of the parasail has harnesses for the passengers and it's linked by a cable to a vessel, which being pulled by a certain speed will rise to a maximum height of 80m. An activity which lasts 10-minute where you will experience the fabulous landscape over the Albufeira city, an absolute silence and an extraordinary moment of peace, quietness and freedom. Slowly you will descend and, if you want to you can touch the water before landing on the boat platform.

Try the Parasailing experience with AlgarExperience if your spending your holidays in Albufeira and create unforgettable memories of your Algarve vacations.

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Ondas Solidarias

Es con enorme entusiasmo que compartimos el más reciente éxito de nuestra Belize Boat Party Solidaria en apoyo al Centro de Apoyo al Sin Techo (C.A.S.A) de Albufeira.

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Si necesita más información, contacto con nosotros.
Si necesita más información, contacto con nosotros.