Beach BBQ

Have a relaxed day enjoying the Algarve coast and enjoying an unforgettable barbecue on one of the isolated beaches.

setup experiência barbecue na praia beach barbecue algarexperience
Duration - 6h30

Beach Barbecue

Have you ever imagined disembarking on a beach for a barbecue lunch made especially for you? A 6h30m experience, departing from the Marina

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sunset bbq beach with live act algarexperience albufeira portugal
Duration - 6h

Sunset BBQ

A 6h experience, ideal for sunset lovers. Sail along the coast, visit caves, including the famous Benagil Cave,

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dolphin watching & beach bbq with algarexperience in algarve-portugal
Duration - 6h30

Dolphins & Beach BBQ

An activity with a duration of 6h30m that will take you to enjoy the incredible sensation of sailing in the open sea to discover and observe cetaceans

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sup board and kayaks at the beach barbecue algarexperience
Duration - 5h

Kayaks Barbecue

An experience that offers the opportunity to connect with Nature from a different and fun perspective! Explore the Algarve coast in

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Our Boats

We have the ideal fleet for corporate & group events such as team-building, birthdays, weddings or just for pure leisure.

speed boat algarexperience for water sports by algarexperience


The AlgarExperience is a multipurpose vessel, ideal for sightseeing, water sports and private hire. It is equipped with all the electronic equipment necessary for the activity

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catamaran espirito oceanico boat tour by algarexperience

Espírito Oceânico

The Espírito Oceânico is a 100 passenger power catamaran type boat and complies with the most stringent European standards for maritime safety, fire safety, flooding

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catamaran belize boat tour by algarexperience albufeira


Belize is a 70 passenger power catamaran vessel and complies with the most stringent European standards

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