A Boat Trip accessible to ALL!

Benagil-Höhlen-Bootstour ab Albufeira - Benagil-Höhlen Algar de Benagil und Küste

AlgarExperience has a very strong component of social and environmental responsibility, being concerned with the well-being of all customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Conscious of the theme of the accessible tourism to all, AlgarExperience has the Caves & Coastline activity performed in the catamaran Belize Segundo (boat recommended by its stability) and that allows the accessibility to the wheelchair through a movable ramp, presenting a ample space whit easy circulation and access to the WC’s performed with the assistance of the crew. 

Soon, we will have a new catamaran in our fleet, which contemplates a series of accessibility solutions, namely the implementation of audio guides, braille guides, augmented reality, WC's adapted to all physical limitations, among others.

AlgarExperience invites everyone to take a boat trip along the Algarve coastline, where you will visit the most emblematic sea caves and rock formations in the region. Normally, people do not travel alone, so their relationship groups will tend to choose destinations and activities where the needs of the most vulnerable elements of the families/groups will be a priority, but if you travel alone to the Algarve region, our crew will be pleasant to help you and make your day unforgettable.

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Solidarische Wellen

Mit großer Begeisterung teilen wir den neuesten Erfolg unserer Belize Boat Party zugunsten des Obdachlosenunterstützungszentrums (C.A.S.A) in Albufeira.

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Für weitere Auskünfte stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.
Für weitere Auskünfte stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.