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Se pretende passar um dia diferente em família ou entre amigos e procura algo mais emocionante e divertido, aconselhamos a experimentar os diversos desportos aquáticos que temos à sua disposição, tais como, paraquedas, ski aquático, wakeboard e reboque de boia.

The concept of wakeboard was born 25 years ago in the USA. It is a sport where the athlete has a rectangular board to place both feet (similar to the snowboard board) that slides on the water.

Water skiing differs from wakeboard by the position of the feet, which in this sport there're two skis, one for each foot.

Parasailing does not involve boards as you can imagine. However, the person is equipped with a harness to stay safe and attached to the parachute. It is placed on the boat platform to start suspension, slowly, through a cable. It can reach up to 80 meters of altitude, where you will have a magnificent panoramic landscape of the city of Albufeira.

The inflatable is an activity that can carry up to three people who are guided by the boat at a safe speed in which the master of the boat can make some turns against the movement of the waves to test the resistance and strength of the people, becoming an adventure.

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