How are we ensuring your safety?

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The year 2021 brought and continues to bring many challenges to companies, mainly in the tourism sector, but adaptation and positivism is necessary to overcome this pandemic.

AlgarExperience continues to provide unique experiences at sea for tourists who visit us and the community that has always supported us. However, to ensure the safety of all our customers, employees and partners, some changes have been made, such as:

1. Transport to / from Albufeira Marina is not available;
2. Vessel capacity limited to 2/3;
3. Disinfection of contact areas during and at the end of each tour;
4. Obligation to use a mask during the entire tour;
5. Social distance signaled at the reception to the client;
6. Gel or disinfectant cutaneous solution in several strategic places and throughout the trip.

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Come and discover the Algarve coast in one of our experiences!
Visit the Benagil Cave, watch dolphins in their natural habitat, indulge in a barbecue meal on an inaccessible beach by land, venture out on a parasailing flight or on the bottom fishing activity, ... connect with Nature and leave worries on the ground!

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Si necesita más información, contacto con nosotros.
Si necesita más información, contacto con nosotros.