VIP's 20th Anniversary by AlgarExperience

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On the 30th of July of 2017, AlgarExperience was honored to receive the VIP team and guests to celebrate its 20th anniversary. 

After a few weeks of brainstorming and logistics underlying this event, the day came to put ideas into practice and provide a memorable evening with a dazzling backdrop.

As the guests arrived, around 3:30 p.m., they were directed to the red carpet at the entrance to the Belize Café Deck to the sound of DJ Helena Isabel. The heat demanded light and clear out fits, and so our VIP guests were dressed, never losing that modern and distinctive touch.

When all the guests gathered, they began to board the catamaran Belize Segundo to the sound of DJ China that offered a relaxing afternoon with chill out music and deep house. At 7:30 p.m. they arrived at an inaccessible beach by land, called Praia Grande, which received them with a unique scenery. 

The logistics of the event was based on differentiating the beach in three areas. The first was the dining area, where the meat and fish were already on the grill ready to be served, the bar available to everyone with a varied range of drinks and tables covered in white towels, white chairs and red candle centers that made the beach harmonize, just like the candles scattered all over the beach that were noticed when the sunset was already installed. The second area was the dance floor, where the DJ's China and Di Carlo were cheering up the party. The third was the moroccan lounge area with puffs and tables offering a more relaxed and refined mood at the same time.

After dinner, the volume of music was lowered and congratulations were sung to the VIP magazine for its twenty years of existence. To the taste of the champagne the music returns with its vibrant rhythm that made no one stand still. 

Around 11:30 pm, the guests returned aboard the catamaran Belize Segundo to continue the party with DJ China that did not give rest to anyone and, in great party, returned to the Marina of Albufeira.

What a nice party!

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Si necesita más información, contacto con nosotros.
Si necesita más información, contacto con nosotros.