2018 Procession by the Sea | Our Lady of Orada

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On August 14th, the annual and traditional procession through the sea was held, bringing together dozens of boats and hundreds of people who disembark on Albufeira Marina. The Feast in honor of Our Lady of Orada is a tradition that comes from afar and that every year brings together hundreds of people to thank and ask for the protection of the Virgin, known for being the patron saint of fishermen.

The history tells us that the inhabitants of Albufeira, once a fishing village, attended several miracles of Our Lady, witnessed in the "ex-vows" that are stored in the Ermida da Orada. It is a religious event of great significance for the inhabitants of Albufeira, which has been held for more than 500 years, and which is now part of the main routes of religious tourism at national level.

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Mit großer Begeisterung teilen wir den neuesten Erfolg unserer Belize Boat Party zugunsten des Obdachlosenunterstützungszentrums (C.A.S.A) in Albufeira.

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Für weitere Auskünfte stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.