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8 octobre 2019

AlgarExperience's fleet which has been growing since 2006 now comprises 12 boats, a significant number for a company in this sector. Each of these boats play a very important role in the experiences we offer. Our boats are specialized for each of the experiences we offer.

Starting with one of the oldest boats Belize is a catamaran boat. Belize was built especially for AlgarExperience just like all other vessels with the Belize name being the first. The catamaran purchased in 2009 has the maximum capacity of 70 passengers.

Next came Belize Segundo with a large outdoor area and capacity for 120 passengers, a significant increase over Belize. Both vessels are used on tours that show the Algarve coast. The boat Belize Segundo is still used in Boat Parties. Another feature of this boat is that it integrates John Deere engines for increased stability, comfort and safety.

Next is the Belize Terceiro with 50 seats, onboard bathrooms and two Volvo Penta D9 engines. This boat was built specifically for the sighting of wild dolphins and has a pleasant wide area for easy movement.

For Parasailing we have two boats available, AlgarExperience (2015) and Enjoy The Sea (2017). These 12-person boats are versatile and can also be used for water sports and private rentals. They are equipped with GPS, VHF and a sound system that allows our guests to enjoy a relaxing ride.

Also in 2015 was acquired a very special boat, the Bajan Sundown. The private rental of this Sunseeker 46 yacht is ideal for those who want to leave their worries on shore and venture out to sea with friends and / or family, where fun and comfort come together making this adventure a memorable day.

The year 2018 was an important year as AlgarExperience acquired the company Dolphins Driven, which resulted in a fleet increase of 5 new boats. Three of these vessels are Rigid-hulled inflatable boats, Ocean Destiny, Ocean Driven and Ocean Whisper. The semi-rigid boats make it possible to complement Belize boats when visiting caves and watching dolphins, giving AlgarExperience versatility in the offer to its customers. One of the other boats purchased was the 100-person Espírito Oceânico, with a large outdoor area on the top deck, and a comfortable indoor area suitable for people with reduced mobility or wheelchairs. This boat specializes in private corporate events and other events such as birthdays or weddings.

The last two boats left to mention specialize in fishing. Vitamin Sea (2007), the oldest vessel of AlgarExperience, having been replaced in 2018 by the Vitamin Sea Two. Vitamin Sea Two was also acquired through the purchase of Dolphins Driven. Vitamin Sea has today an important sustainable aspect.