An unforgettable experience offering panoramic views of the city of Albufeira flying at an altitude of around 80 meters high, on individual, double or triple flights. Approximately 10 minutes are spent in the air and up to one and a half hours on the boat, if the vessel has the maximum passenger capacity.
This activity is ensured by an experienced and attentive crew, who will make your flight unforgettable, safe and fun.

This activity takes place on the AlgarExperience and Enjoy The Sea vessels.

Terms & conditions

Customers must check in up to 30 minutes prior to the activity, at the AlgarExperience desks at Albufeira Marina.
Pregnant women and children under 3 years of age, or less than 1 metre in height and/or 20kg in weight, are not allowed to do this activity.
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
The flights are subject to weather and technical conditions.
AlgarExperience assumes no liability for damage to personal property during the experience, wherefore you are advised to ensure it is appropriately protected.

Photo and video service available at extra cost.
Service not available in the event of malfunction of equipment.

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"Parachute ascensionnel pendant 15min. Nous avons été bien encadrés, dans une bonne ambiance. L'activité est trés sympas car offre une trés jolie vue à 80m de haut et des sensations. Possibilité de descendre les jambes dans l'eau. Activité qui offre aussi une jolie balade en bateau et en musique. Trés bonne expérience!!”


"We used AlgarExperience to book parasailing. The hosts were so fun and made the experience enjoyable. It wasn't a great weather but they took us out and tested the winds with the parachute and agreed to take us after the test ensuring everything was safe. I highly recommend them. Thank you for the experience.”

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