Boat Party

A three-hour experience for party people, where you can enjoy the sunset to the sound of house music by a DJ!
Cruise along the coastline, visit sea caves, stop for a swim and party in a unique setting.

This activity usually takes place on the Belize Segundo catamaran, but the Belize catamaran may be used instead. Both have a Top Deck, lounge, bar, 2 WCs and are equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Terms & conditions

Customers must check in up to 30 minutes prior to the activity, at the AlgarExperience desks at Albufeira Marina.
Bookings of more than 5 elements are subject to the consent of AlgarExperience.
The minimum age for this activity is 18 years.
Proof of age may be requested upon check-in and/or at the bar.
Customers must provide some form of identification if asked to confirm their age.

Open bar during the 1st hour of the trip (water, soft drinks, beer, red/white wine, sangria).
Not included: Other drinks available at the bar.
No food or drink may be taken on board.

For special events, the price of the Boat Party may change.
Customers wearing inappropriate or offensive clothing, or persons strongly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be allowed to check in/board, and will not be refunded.
AlgarExperience assumes no liability for damage to personal property during the experience, wherefore you are advised to ensure it is appropriately protected.

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