World Environment Day

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Today, 5th of June, World Environment Day is celebrated! This day aims to highlight positive actions of protection and preservation of the environment and create awareness in all communities and governments for the need to save and care for the environment.

Make your contribution! Clean beaches, clean fields, recycle, reuse, reduce consumption. Small gestures that can make all difference!

Being environmentally responsible is knowing that we live in a community and we all have to act for the good of all communities. In this sense, we list some actions that YOU can do for your well-being, for the health of your family / friends, for the good of the planet in which you were born and have the right to care for and preserve:

2) At home, do not forget to turn off all electrical appliances, especially television and computer because they are probably the most used;
2) Em casa, não te esqueças de desligar todos os aparelhos elétricos, especialmente a televisão e o computador por serem provavelmente os mais utilizados;
3) Turn off the lights when they are not needed;

4) Replace traditional lamps for LEDs - cost saving and environmentally friendly;

5) Use / buy more efficient appliances - classification A;

6) Implement recycling practices in the workplace and at home - recycling of glass, paper / cardboard, plastic;

7) Implement a container / composter for the food remains;

8) Choose second-hand clothing or more sustainable clothing (manufactured through less polluting processes);

9) Recycle or offer clothing that you no longer use;

10) Carry your own bags (of paper of preference) to make your purchases on the supermarket;

11) Do not waste water: do not keep water running while washing your teeth or while bathing;

12) At work, remember to turn off your computer and monitor, as well as the lights when you leave the enclosures;

13) Print as little as possible and print duplex when necessary;

14) Opt for public transports or by bicycle, if possible;

15) If you own a vehicle, try to share the car with your neighbors, family and friends; 16) Also check the air pressure of the wheels, because if it is not suitable, it raises the fuel consumption by 5%. For the same reason, reduce the use of air conditioning.

Respecting the Environment is to preserve our Future! 🌍☘️



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